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Being a working Actor, Photographer and Piano player in NYC

Managing being a working actor and professional photographer has been a great way to learn what professionalism means. These are both very creative environments. However, as creative as anyone is, being on time and prepared is essential. Success is so much more than a large personality on set. It is about being prepared and responsive for the opportunity to work. Once the vitals of professionalism are established then comes the natural nuances of many careers.

The better I can be comfortable on set and work with my peers the better the final result is for all of us. It is an environment where community matters moment-to-moment. And that has taught me from playing my piano with others to photographing Emmy-winners to rehearsing with Tony-winners!

It has a lot to do with how I treat myself before I even get on set. Working, creating and giving myself every opportunity to be prepared. The personality that people see from me comes with the confidence that I could be creative anywhere. That attitude of having my bases covered makes every opportunity that I have with others into a vast learning experience. Because I can fully think outside myself!

It is an opportunity to expand my network with like-minded hard-working and kind people. This community is what makes me need to tell stories with any instrument or character. The journey is something that we are all after, and the story seems familiar. Yet it is always changing for the creative person that I am, sensitive enough to see it.

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