Alex was truly a pleasure to have on set . Always 100% committed to whatever was asked of him, a quick learner, no complaints, just a passionate willingness to throw himself in at all times.

Matthew A. Brown, Director  Julia

I’m so glad to have directed Alex Carmine in Coney. Not only was he terrific—“beguiling” per Backstage, aptly—in a challenging role, but he was a complete pleasure to work with: affable, open, inquiring, very hardworking, and a real team player. I wish—and predict—a great future for him.

Gary Shrader, Director Coney

Alex has great tenacity, concentration and talent! For a scene we shot by the waterfront on a freezing day with wind, Alex managed to keep his concentration going and delivered the performance I wanted.

Nikhil Kamkolkar, Director B.O.Y.E.

You are obviously an incredible performer and I am so grateful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to come out and be a Robot Monkey for a spell. You are a true delight, Mr. Carmine, and I wish you all the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

A.J. Ditty, Director Big Bad World: The Musical