Off-Off Broadway Show, “Coney” gets Great Review in New York Times and Backstage

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Here is a link to the New York Times Review.

Here is a link to the Backstage Review.

I have been having a blast doing many films for NYU.  However, I am glad to say I was recently on stage in the World Premier of “Coney.”  “Coney” went up at the New Ohio Theatre October 27-November 18th,  the play centered around the iconic Coney Island.  Here is a link to the article on

In addition to the Pictures and Resume on the site, here are some links to my film work. I just finished shooting a short with some Elon Grads who have been living (and doing well) in Los Angeles.

The entire film can be found on youtube; simply click here for the Cinematic Triumph” (check out 6:20). It was a great experience.

I have done more serious films as well. Part Two of The Watchful Specter” (from the top) is a good example. This is a short film about fate and dreams; nothing is what it seems.

My most recent feature length, Enter the Zombie:3D” is in it’s last legs of production and should be previewing early summer. Check back soon for links. 

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