About Alex

Growing up I wanted to be a DJ or a jazz piano player. I still improvise on the piano. But now, improvisation is a full-time gig with no other instrument than myself.

Currently, You can find my hosting the Ride every week and touring around Midtown Manhattan on a bus that could not be any more like a theater!

I built my own computer so it could fit in my artist housing in Hells Kitchen. It is excellent to be close to everything. Someday I know I will be able to live in this kind of location and have more than one room to boot!

I love improvising on “The Ride” and for every new take on set. But improvising is ten percent new creation and 90% unseen work. The work is so fun. And whether it be on stage or the camera or even on a bus. That “work” needs to be believable, relatable and, most importantly, exciting. It is a thrill to do this for my living!

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